Sunday, August 23, 2009

Anachronistic Dancers

This could just as easily be the 1930s. Sts. Helen and Constantine Greek Festival, Cleveland Hts., Ohio, 08-21-09.

Spectra Scope 1

Perambulatin' with the Polaroid Spectra and expired film in Cleveland's Midtown, a semi-residential, semi-industrial district. 08-23-09.

Spectra Scope 2

Midtown, 08-23-09. Big Star Fan Foods made a brief appearance in the movie "American Splendor." There was more artwork on the side of the building, but it was painted over some time ago. Polaroid Spectra, expired film.

Spectra Scope 3

West 25th St.-Detroit Ave. area, 08-01-09. Polaroid Spectra, expired film.

Haunted House

Sometimes a photo tip doesn't pan out, but you find something better along the way. Can't say if it's really haunted, but there was a sense of desolation about this boarded up house that kept me from approaching it too closely, a thought that it was perhaps inhabited in a sinister way. The presence directly across the street of a modern hospital could not dispel the feeling that the house occupied a different dimension.

Sadly, no ghost faces at any of the upper windows. Lens flare at the top of the porch in photo no. 3 something of an anomaly, however, as the day was dark and gloomy, and the Canon XSi lens usually doesn't suffer from flare. I'd like to think it was a wraith keeping a suspicious eye on me!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Feast of the Assumption

A broiling hot Sunday afternoon, 93 degrees, relentless sun, last day of the Feast. Cleveland, Ohio's Little Italy, 08-16-09. Scroll down for more, and don't forget to click on the images to see them large!

Mayfield Road

Feast of the Assumption, Cleveland, Ohio, 08-16-09.

Stealth Pictures

Shooting blind from the hip. Feast of the Assumption, Cleveland, Ohio, 08-16-09.

Full Tilt Carny

Feast of the Assumption, Cleveland, Ohio, 08-16-09.

Let's Eat!

Feast of the Assumption, Cleveland, Ohio, 08-16-09.

Empty Carnival

Behind Holy Rosary Church, Feast of the Assumption, Cleveland, Ohio, Friday morning, 8-14-09.