Friday, June 27, 2008

On Being a Regular

There are maybe three or four restaurants in Cleveland that make me genuinely happy. Shay's at East 40th and St. Clair is one of them. The perfect urban vibe.

Miles to Go

The closing of Randall Park Mall on June 12 brought to mind an earlier, more significant loss in the same area, when the long-inactive Miles Drive-In finally came down. It had been abandoned for years but had been allowed to stand, its delicate blue and salmon hues weathering bravely in the harsh northeast Ohio winters.

At one point there was a brief mention in the press of some desultory movement toward restoring and re-opening the drive-in, but that obviously went nowhere. Over the years, unremarkable office buildings and small businesses grew up around it.

Its disappearance went unheralded. Now it's a housing development.
Canon EOS, Fuji Reala. Photos from 2004.

Drive-thru ticket booth. From first-ever Holga roll.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Carnival Truck

Carnival ride packed up and ready to move on after a weekend stint at a church near Kamm's Corners on Cleveland's west side.

First outing, summer 2005, with the magnificent Rapid-Omega 200, 90mm Super Omegon lens. Fuji Acros.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The Big Q

After Garfield 1-2323, the Big Q's late-night TV jingle was one of the most noteworthy in Cleveland, in part thanks to a melody pitched higher than the singer's range allowed. Woodland Avenue just west of east 55th street in the Maingate business area.

Closed for the last number of years, but the lovely signage remains -- for now.

Canon EOS Rebel, Fuji Reala.