Friday, July 29, 2016

Mildly Strange Stuff

Wouldn't be a convention without it. RNC Cleveland 2016.

Convention People

What a great variety of people in Cleveland during the RNC 2016!

Angry Confrontation

Tempers flared when a far-right Christian group began haranguing the crowd with homophobic and racist hate speech. Fortunately, there was no violence, thanks to a line of state troopers who arrayed themselves between the two sides.

Taking a Break

Overheated protester takes advantage of the splash park at the newly renovated Public Square, RNC Cleveland 2016.

Signs of the Times

Plenty to read at the RNC 2016 in Cleveland.

East 4th and Environs


Crowded scenes on East 4th Street, RNC Cleveland 2016

Diversity Hoedown

A Trump supporter on guitar playing creditable Texas swing, Cleveland artist Mz. Lady Saxx on soprano saxophone in funky jazz style, a young man promoting racial brotherhood and a Christian biker advocating open carry come together in an astonishing moment on East 4th Street. RNC Cleveland 2016.

Musicians at the Convention

Busking. RNC Cleveland 2016.