Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Freeway Beneath

Fenced-in walkway crossing I-71 from West 14th St. toward Scranton Rd.

Gate and Cat

In the non-hipster part of Tremont, just off West 14th St. near Steelyard Commons.

Junior Fiddler

Waiting to compete in the Lorain County Fair fiddle contest, 12 and under category. 08-27-11.

Fair Day

Lorain County Fair, Wellington, Ohio. 08-27-11.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Random Downtown Snaps

Prospect Avenue; Public Square; Huron Road. 08-24-11.

Hats and Pawn

Late afternoon walk on lower Prospect Avenue. 08-24-11.

More Avenging

Cleveland's Public Square altered to suggest that it's really Stuttgart for the Avengers movie filming here. 08-24-11.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Jazz Guys

Bay Arts Gallery, 08-19-11.




Chester Avenue at East 12th Street, 08-22-11.



Puerto Rico Pride Parade


Coldplay Dancers

Puerto Rico Pride parade, 08-07-11.

Parade Kids

Watching the Puerto Rico Day parade, 08-07-11.

Kids' Art Show

"Walk and Roll" street festival, East 65th Street. 08-14-11.

Warped Building

Superior Avenue near East 12th Street.


Watching filming of scenes from "The Avengers," set for release next year. Euclid Avenue near East 9th Street. 08-22-11.